The Secret of Happy Pets – Lots of Play Time

By Ravindra Dasarwar

Similar to the basic needs of humans, the dogs also have their own basic needs. Your dogs need food, water and proper shelter and when the more safe and secure your dog feels the happier it will be. Although it might sound unusual humans sometimes misunderstand these basic needs of the dogs. Therefore there are some simple tips on how you can meet your dog’s basic needs to make them happy. You can start with a dog feeding schedule and follow it regularly. The console of knowing when to expect food would keep your dog secure and happy. You can also consider crating your dogs when you are away. However if you are a dog owner who thinks that crating a dog is a kind to cruelty then you can be wrong. Crating your pet dog will actually make the dog feel secured and also help prevent boredom and separation anxiety.

You should know that play and exercise also plays a crucial role in making your pet happy. Just think about squirrels, birds and other critters running around in open nature. Much of their lives are spent just running around in the nature. This means that happy animals are active animals regardless of what species they are. Unfortunately humans often buy a particular pet or breed just to avoid excessive exercise. Therefore if you want your pet to stay happy with you then carve out a portion of everyday just to focus on play and exercise. This means it is necessary that you take your pet dog out in the park or garden everyday with you where you can spend some time playing with the dog. You can even play some interesting games with your pet and you can find a number of interesting games to be played with your pet on the internet. Giving lots of play time for your pet dog is one of the secrets to keeping your pet happy.

Moreover pets also spend their day unchallenged and isolated and they are likely to be unhappy. Therefore you can look for some ways to engage with your pet’s brain. In this case you can just consider bring some pet toys to keep them involved. The best thing to do is teaching your pet new tricks and skills or jobs or you can also make your small family pet work its way through the maze. These are some simple activities that can keep your pet involved and eventually keep them happy. Pet training is also another crucial step in ensuring your pet is happy. Therefore when you are out playing with your pet make sure you also train your dog on some simple skills.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ravindra_Dasarwar



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